Saturday, May 3, 2014

From where and back again

I started to play role playing games in 1981.

The first game i bought was Traveller. The little black box. It was a strange and wondrous world.

Aged role player.
I was introduced to the hobby by a friend who had "connections" in Stockholm. We lived in a rather small town in the southern of Sweden and no one there knew what role playing games was. Neither did we, really. We called them English games (engelska spel).

My friend had The Fantasy Trip and that was the first game we played.

My first fantasy game was Games Workshops version of RuneQuest II. That was the game I fell in love with hand had the most fun with.

But I soon expanded my gaming library with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, RoleMaster and many more.

I soon became a game system junkie.

After meeting Mark Rein Hagen on a convention and playing Vampire I became more and more interested in the story telling aspects of the hobby.

I read everything at the Forge and all articles I could find via Alta Vista.

It made me reflect about role playing games and game design.

My friends was not that interested in rpgs with an story telling orientation, so I played less and less.

And then happened growing up and getting a family. I still read and bought many games, but played almost nothing for ten years.

Lately I have been interested in the old school games. Hence this desire in me to try and construct an old school D100 game system. I don't know if the label will be correct when (and if) this project is completed, but at least it is an intention and a direction.

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  1. I really like the idea, but lately there has been some "new" Old School D100 game system, poping up. I dont know if they have the old Magic.
    I will follow this project of yours with my natural scepticism and still I hope you will suceed.
    You see, I know, as the Wizard that if someone can, you can, Master!
    Your humble Padavan.