Saturday, May 3, 2014

In the beginning

The night was dark.

As I walked towards my little cottage the young moon shed some light on the path. I was a bit unsteady from the wine i had drunk in the Happy Rooster.

Suddenly a form stepped out from behind a juniper and startled me.

Trying to write a rpg.
- Well, well, an hoarse deep voice said.

I fumbled after my sword, but realized quickly, that I must have left it at home before going to the inn.

- I hear that you are going to make yet another role playing game, the voice continued. Is that wise?

- I, I don't know, I stuttered.

- Many unwise man have already wandered down that path without finding mercy from his peers.

- Oh. But...

As the form took another step towards me, the moon lit up the outline of a tall man. I could see deep set eyes in a face with an enormous nose. I did not recognize the man, but the pouches in his belt and the tattoos on his lower arms made it more than obvious that the man was a wizard.

He stared into my eyes as I tried to continue my explanation.

- But you know. I do this for my own pleasure. Nothing else. I have dreamed of this since long before my beard turned grey. This is my fantasy heartbreaker of sorts.

- Hrmpf. Fool.

- Don't you remember how funny it was to play back then. The rules were light and the wonder was great. No tomes with hundreds upon hundreds of spells and feats. No ten hour long character generation sessions. Now days role playing games often becomes a chore. That makes me sad. Maybe I'm just old and bitter...

The man suddenly looked a bit resigned and sighed.

- Maybe you are right. And maybe you are brave. I will be watching you. You won't see me but rest assured. I will be watching. I hope that you won't disappoint me.

With those words the man was gone again. So quickly that I wondered if there weren't magic involved.

I continued towards my home. My mind was ruminating over what the wizard had said. Should I dare?